Here’s to the Crazy Ones

Images from Apple’s “Crazy Ones” TV commercial, part of the “Think Different” campaign. Image credit: Apple

Recently, the folks over at Patently Apple pointed out that Apple renewed its “Think Different” trademark. (Does the company intend to work the “Think Different” tagline back into its communications?) Whatever the case may be, most Apple fans fondly remember this campaign that featured the award-winning “Crazy Ones” TV commercial.

Apple first aired the Think Different “Crazy Ones” TV commercial on September 28th, 1997, during the broadcast premiere of Toy Story. The ad was an attempt to associate Apple with the creativity of people making an impact on the twentieth century.

Which of the following famous personalities was NOT featured in a “Think Different” advertisement?

Jerry Seinfeld… an Apple fan to this day

Seinfeld cast with Larry David. Image credit: HBO

While Jerry Seinfeld may have recently starred in TV commercials for Microsoft alongside Bill Gates, loyal viewers of Seinfeld know better. During the entire run of the sitcom, there was a Mac sitting on Jerry’s desk in his apartment.

Jerry and the entire cast of Seinfeld appeared on the 7th season of Larry David’s HBO original series Curb Your Enthusiasm, and a portion of the episode took place in Jerry’s apartment.

Which Mac was sitting on Jerry’s desk in the Curb Your Enthusiasm episode?