The biography of Steve Jobs

A coveted writing assignment

What makes a guy like Steve Jobs tick? His incredible vision, determination and insight into technology have made him the subject of many books, none of them authorized by the man himself. But it was recently reported in a New York Times article that Mr. Jobs will collaborate with author Walter Isaacson on an authorized biography.

Those readers interested in learning about the life Mr. Jobs will no doubt recall the hubbub surrounding his disapproval of some of the books about his life.

Which unauthorized biography of Steve Jobs infuriated the Apple CEO so much that all titles by the publisher of the book were pulled from Apple Stores?

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The fabulously implemented wrong concept Macintosh

Identify this Mac

If you’re an Apple fan and you happen to be visiting New York City, consider visiting the Museum of Modern Art (MoMa). It’s not only one of the most influential museums of modern art in the world, but a few of Apple’s products have been acquired by the museum for display in its design collection. Apple products in the MoMa design collection include an original Macintosh from 1984, and a Macintosh SE from 1987.

For today’s quiz, name the correct Apple Macintosh model based on the following clues:

– It was introduced in 2000
– It’s also part of the MoMa design collection
– It featured a revolutionary case design
– It was described by Steve Jobs as “a wrong concept — fabulously implemented”

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A much wished-for iPhone feature

The Apple iPhone 3GS. Image credit: Apple

In June of 2009, at the mayhem and craziness that is the World Wide Developers Conference, Apple made some new product announcements (as it usually does). Phil Schiller, Apple’s Senior Vic President for Product Marketing, took the stage (in place of Steve Jobs, who was still on medical leave) to demonstrate Mac OS X v10.6 “Snow Leopard” and several MacBook updates.

Apple also announced updates to the iPhone with the release of iPhone OS version 3.0, including one simple feature many users had really been waiting for.

What simple, much wished-for feature was finally added to the iPhone’s capabilities with the release of iPhone 3.0?