One missing Mac OS X app

Mac OS X v10.0 “Cheetah” – the first of the big cats

Even amidst the recent talk of Apple rejecting apps, there’s no doubt that the sheer variety and scale of applications available in the iTunes App Store has fueled the sales of the iPhone and iPod touch. The iPhone is great. The applications make it even better.

On a related note, when the first version of the Mac OS X (“Cheetah”) was released in 2001, Apple made a big deal about the fact that most major applications from OS 9 had been ported to the new operating system. Unfortunately for Apple there was one core group of users — a group of users quite loyal to the Mac platform — that was reluctant to upgrade because one core application hadn’t been ported to OS X.

Which application arrived really late to Mac OS X, causing many of those working in the design and publishing professions to postpone upgrading to “Cheetah”?