The fabulously implemented wrong concept Macintosh

Identify this Mac

If you’re an Apple fan and you happen to be visiting New York City, consider visiting the Museum of Modern Art (MoMa). It’s not only one of the most influential museums of modern art in the world, but a few of Apple’s products have been acquired by the museum for display in its design collection. Apple products in the MoMa design collection include an original Macintosh from 1984, and a Macintosh SE from 1987.

For today’s quiz, name the correct Apple Macintosh model based on the following clues:

– It was introduced in 2000
– It’s also part of the MoMa design collection
– It featured a revolutionary case design
– It was described by Steve Jobs as “a wrong concept — fabulously implemented”

Think you know the answer? Post a response in the comments — we’ll post the answer later.

The Macintosh SE name

The Macintosh SE

Trim levels on cars are frequently denoted by two or three letter abbreviations that used to mean something years ago, but now most of them mean nothing. Many cars carry badges on the back that say “GLX” or “SE”. What do those letters mean, anyway? I suppose that at one point “SE” actually stood for “Special Edition” or maybe “Sport Edition”. Of course, you can easily spot “SE” on the back of a minivan nowadays and there’s really nothing sporty about a minivan.

But when Apple introduced the Macintosh SE back in 1987, the “SE” designation actually stood for something.

What did the letters “SE” stand for in the Macintosh SE name?

Post a response in the comments if you think you know the answer. We’ll post the real answer tomorrow.