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Data recovery is the process that one way or another come to our attention. Of course the IT specialists and the others, who work in that field, more often encounter situations related to data recovery than the other users. Still, in our technological era, we are all connected to IT technologies, one way or another; we are all users, and lately we have a large part of our lives implemented in our devices. This means that we also must know what data recovery is and how to take advantage of it, if our computer or mobile devices fail and we need to buy new one or to repair it.


The data recovery is the process, when we save and handle the data from damaged, corrupted, inaccessible or failed device. Usually, this data is extracted from computer hard drives – HDD or SSD; CD’s, DVD’s, storage tapes, external USB flash drives and other electronic devices, which are made to store it. The data recovery is necessary when the hardware or software had failed; sometimes the water or other causes the physical damage; and in other cases the problem is logical – and the necessary data can’t be loaded from the device’s OS.

Usually, data recovery is necessary, when there is some physical damage or OS failure (in most of the cases – on the single-partition or single OS systems). The solution here is just to download the saved data on external storage or to use the “Live CD”, which allows you to copy the necessary data to CD or Flash Drive, or just to back it up in another place.

The case, when the hard drive is damaged or corrupted is more difficult; usually extracting data from HDD or SSD devices is not easy. Depending on the situation – software or hardware damage; the specialists do whatever necessary to read and save the data. In fact often, when the hard drive of our computer is “dead” or corrupted – we just want to save what we can and rewrite it on the new one.

Damage is not the only situation, which requires data storage – the “accidentally” or not deleted files are also mattered of data recovery. Only specialists know that the files we delete are not immediately removed from the disk, instead the references to them are removed and the space is made available for overwriting. This means that they are available for recovery and are not lost forever.

The most commonly used way is to read and extract every bit from the surface of the storage and after that to start analyzing the damage and how to fix it.

There is only one application of data recovery – in the “espionage”, when hidden or encrypted data are recovered for someone’s needs. It is used by Hackers and IT professionals, for different purposes – and good and bad.

Data recovery is one of the most valuable processes today – the bad news is the sooner or earlier we all need it – every device fails; and we all know that Hard drives and storages, they all have “lifetime”.

If any of the above situations have occurred, we recommend you contact us immediately before you attempt any form of file data recovery AND BACK UP YOUR FILES!.

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