Revolutions are expensive

Apple Lisa. Image credit: Apple

Many factors need to be in place to make a new product truly revolutionary and successful. The Apple Lisa possessed many of these factors. It was the first personal computer sold that used a GUI (Graphical User Interface) and had other advanced features such as protected memory and a built-in screensaver. Targeted at primarily business customers, the computer came supplied with a comprehensive selection of business application programs.

But the Lisa was a commercial failure for Apple, mostly due to one critical factor: its incredibly high price (relative to competing IBM PCs).

How much did the very advanced but notoriously expensive Apple Lisa computer retail for when it was introduced in 1983?

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Apple’s original tablet computer


Newton Message Pad. Image credit: Apple

There’s been an incredible amount of speculation recently about whether or not Apple plans to release some kind of new tablet-like device in the upcoming weeks. Theories abound with regards to what this rumored tablet computer will be able to do.

With that in mind, it’s worth looking back at Apple’s original tablet-like computing device, the Newton. The Newton shipped in 1993, and was considered to be a Personal Digital Assistant (PDA), a new device at the time. It featured a pen-based interface, large LCD screen, and could handle your calendar, to-do lists, email and notes, among other things.

Which feature (which was later corrected) ultimately plagued and haunted the reputation of the Newton for years to come?

Apple gets into the digital camera business

Apple’s early digital camera.

While the iPhone featured a camera since its inception, and the current iPod Nano can shoot video, Apple’s product history doesn’t include a great deal of devices that take pictures or shoot video. But that doesn’t mean Apple never tried to offer such a product.

Back in the early 1990s, well before the iPod, Apple made an attempt to sell consumer electronic devices in addition to its trademark computers and software. The company released a digital camera in 1994.

What was the name of the first digital camera produced by Apple?