Naming the iPod

The first generation iPod. Image credit: Apple.

Branding. Apple is absolutely phenomenal at branding, and the iPod brand has become synonymous with the digital music player. When people think “mp3 player” or “media playback device” the iPod comes to mind.

But if you really think about it, “iPod” is a funny name for a little device that plays music (and videos and games). In fact, the name “iPod” was suggested by a consultant working with Apple on how to introduce and market the device to the public. But the name “iPod” was actually trademarked and already in use at the time.

Before Apple owned the trademark for “iPod”, the name was used by another company for what type of device?

Tilt, rotate and shake your iPhone

Gaming on the iPod touch. Image credit: Apple

Far from just a phone, the iPhone (and it’s cousin, the iPod Touch) is packed with capabilities like the Multi-Touch display, proximity sensor and GPS technology that make this device an incredible gaming platform.

Game developers have responded by creating thousands of games, all sold through Apple’s App Store.

What is the name of the device built inside the iPhone and iPod touch that responds to movement (like tilt and rotation)?

A much wished-for iPhone feature

The Apple iPhone 3GS. Image credit: Apple

In June of 2009, at the mayhem and craziness that is the World Wide Developers Conference, Apple made some new product announcements (as it usually does). Phil Schiller, Apple’s Senior Vic President for Product Marketing, took the stage (in place of Steve Jobs, who was still on medical leave) to demonstrate Mac OS X v10.6 “Snow Leopard” and several MacBook updates.

Apple also announced updates to the iPhone with the release of iPhone OS version 3.0, including one simple feature many users had really been waiting for.

What simple, much wished-for feature was finally added to the iPhone’s capabilities with the release of iPhone 3.0?